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The 2004 USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO Incident - Video analysis

This analysis of the video footage taken during the 2004 Nimitz UFO incident is part of an ongoing effort to figure out what actually happened and which information can be trusted.

What the footage supposedly shows Here are the key claims TTSA has made of that footage:
Pilot interviews state that the UAP was hovering at 24,000 feet. there is no visible exhaust plume from the object. Mid-wave infrared images of hovering aircraft, such as the AV-8B Harrier, would clearly reveal an exhaust plume if one was present. At 1:14, the object suddenly and instantaneously accelerates to the left, out of view of the sensor at what appears to be unprecedented velocity without a sonic boom or other associated tell-tale signatures of a conventional craft. The acceleration is so high that the sensor cannot maintain track. This type of flight performance cannot be achieved by any known aircraft. The video along with eye-witness accounts by US navy professionals have allowed us to conclude the followin…

Analysis of TTSA 2015 Go Fast UFO video

Go Fast is the so called third UFO video that TTSA released on March 9, 2018. Here's what they claim:
GO FAST is an authentic DoD video that captures the high-speed flight of an unidentified aircraft at low altitude by a F/A-18 Super Hornet ATFLIR forward-looking infrared system. The unidentified vehicle appears as a white oval shape moving at high speed from top right to lower left of the screen flying very low over the water. In reality, it's not flying low, neither fast, and that small target most likely isn't something that most of us would call an aircraft or a vehicle. All of that will be shown in this post.

What's even more significant is that all those claims were already shown to be false on the day that video was released, both by yours truly (elsewhere) and various other people. The video itself provides sufficient instrument data, which when combined with simple trigonometry, shows unequivocally that the claims of low altitude are just plain wrong. In real…

TTSA Gimbal and Go Fast videos from COMPTUEX?

Here's a tidbit I believe is proposed here for the first time.

TLDR: I'm making the case that the TTSA Gimbal and Go Fast UFO videos were most likely filmed during COMPTUEX (Composite Training Unit Exercise) between January 8 and February 8, 2015.

It was recently revealed that the Gimbal and Go Fast UFO videos released by the To The Stars Academy (TTSA) were almost certainly taken during the same flight, as evidenced by the matching PRF code and similar sounding pilots.

The Go Fast video ends with a timestamp of 4254 and Gimbal begins at 5245. Most seem to have made the mistake of interpreting that to mean a difference of 5245-4254=991 seconds, that is 16 minutes and 31 seconds. That is incorrect. Those timestamps actually show minutes and seconds, as can be seen from the Gimbal clip, where the timestamp changes from 5259 to 5300. So those were taken only 9 minutes and 51 seconds apart.

TTSA hasn't confirmed nor denied that information. They didn't reveal any details about…

The 1973 Coyne/Mansfield helicopter UFO incident finally explained

The 1973 Coyne Incident, also known as Mansfield Encounter, has been described as one of the best UFO cases of all time for the past 45 years. While parts of it have already found more mundane explanations, there hasn't been an adequate explanation that would fully describe the events as reported by the eyewitnesses, both on the helicopter and on the ground. Until now.
Executive summary The following is a brief overview of the events. A more comprehensive version of the original story can be read here. The version on the left reflects the eyewitness testimonies and how this story is typically told. The version on the right explains briefly what actually happened, all of which is dealt with in more detail later in this document.

The following events took place on October 18, 1973, at approximately 11pm, when an Army Reserve helicopter with a crew of four (namely Coyne, Jezzi, Healey and Yanacsek) were flying from Columbus to Cleveland, cruising at 90 knots at 2,500 feet, close to …