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The 2004 USS Nimitz Tic Tac UFO Incident - Executive report I-Team / George Knapp just published a new article including a "Confidential report" that "analyzes Tic Tac UFO incidents".
Tic Tacs everywhere The article tries to link all the TTSA UFO videos together, as if they would all be the same kind of targets, despite the fact they do not even look the same:
Since the Pentagon's release of three UFO videos, armchair experts have speculated that maybe the objects are birds or balloons or something mundane. Until last year, Elizondo ran AATIP, a secret Pentagon assignment that quietly evaluated UFO incident reports. He chafes at the armchair experts who claim the Tic Tac was a balloon or bird, a mistake by the pilots or a technical glitch. There's no reason to assume the 2004 Nimitz Tic Tac had anything to do with the Gimbal and Go Fast targets, which were probably filmed during Comptuex 2015 on the other side of the country. The Go Fast video in particular shows a target with a size of a large bird …

The Coyne Incident - The big picture

It's been a month since I published my explanation to the Coyne Incident, and based on the feedback I have received during that time, I believe most are missing the most significant aspects of it, as well as some wider issues it highlights.
Loosely based on a true story Missing the parts that really matter is not too surprising, since those are mostly the mundane or boring parts, many of which contradict or make the exciting parts of the story much less exciting. So most accounts of the incident choose to leave those out.

The book I used as my primary source has 74 pages about that incident, of which roughly half are actual original witness reports and interviews, all of which are compatible with my explanation, in detail. But while that's the book, most have only seen the "Hollywood movie adaptations" of it.

Most of those have chosen to pick just the most extreme statements Coyne has made, disregarding the fact how he himself and all the other witnesses contradicted…

TTSA - Following the money

Since the video footage TTSA has released doesn't seem to display any genuinely anomalous behavior, its time to take a look at some of their content that actually does: their investment counters.
Some background To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc., commonly known as TTSA, began to collect investments through equity crowdfunding on their website on October 10, 2017. They are selling their Class A Common Stock for $5 apiece with a minimum investment of $200. Their Offering Circular states the tangible net book value per share is $0.003, so the selling price is around 1500 times the book value, which, as an investment, makes it pretty insane.

Their site has also showed counters for the number of investors and total dollar amount they have gathered. While the investment process is handled by FundAmerica and their technology, it seems almost certain those counters are not updated automatically from those systems, but manually by someone close to the TTSA.
Investment chart He…